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The Summer Swine Stomp is a chance to re-ignite old rivalries, charge harder, slide further, hang with mates, check out the latest kit and test what you have against the Great British Weather. 

"Will it rain?"

If it does then pop in your crustiest bearings and pad up proper.
We skate in all weathers.

Pads? ..and helmets! Insurance and common sense demand that we wear helmets when skating at all times. We reserve the right to stop any further skating for those not protecting what brain they have. St John's Ambulance will have a presence, but we'd rather not test their skills.

Hog Hill may not be the most of extreme downhills, but it can be one helluva bitey hamster.

There'll be Slalom and Giant Slalom on the far track (where many of the best tech downhillers have cut their teeth...)
...and on the main hill we'll have Freeriding, Sliding and Downhill.

Rider sign-in is from mid-day Saturday for skating 1pm onwards.

Should pan out roughly like this (Skater time):


12:30 Registration/ Briefing
13:00 Track open/ Freeride activate
14:30 Slide jam (To be confirmed)
15:00 Dual Hybrid Slalom Qualifiers and Racing commences
15:00 -16:00 Longboard Workshop (To be confirmed)
17:30 Stop riding, off to campsite

09:30 Signup/ Race Signup open
10:00 Track open/ Dual Hybrid racing continues
11:00 Race Signup closes
From here on times are approximate, subject to Giant Slalom timings
11:30 Buttboard & Grom Races
13:00 Freeride
14:00 Open Races
16:00 Prizes
17:00 Clearout

Thanks to The UKSSA and DAS Industries for getting it going.

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